Flash Critique

2013-02-21 16:51:40 by bloodstripe


Well, first off, I've made a flash game but I never launched it. For those of you who remember what the game might have been or looked like, you realize how in depth it was. I haven't made anything equivalent to Tarboy, one of my most favorited flash animations, but it has, within its own rights, its own special style of animating and art work. The project itself took around a month to two months to complete, and after its completion, I deleted it, because I found it only slightly amusing.

Provided the last time I used flash was back in 2009, my grasp on flash has changed little since I left the field back in 2011. I know what it takes to produce a flash movie and the scripting involved in the making of a game. When I write reviews for flash animations, its not coming out of my ass, it's coming from a person with experience and a firm grasp of the overall difficulties and challenges involved in portraying emotion and logical points in any animation.

So yeah. Critiques.


2010-12-13 15:29:07 by bloodstripe


sound effects

2009-09-30 15:38:22 by bloodstripe

I have sfx for you all. Well not me exactly, a website that I went on, and well.... it's kick ass. So to get to it, just search "sfx for flash." EXACTLY! the like second one down. Not the indented one. It will take you to a categories page, click on the category, and there you have it. All of the sounds were posted by different users. So some have comments, and other don't. No need to thank me, just helping out the N.G. community. Good luck with future flash games, videos, or just class flash videos, just to impress your friends. :D